2017 Projects Report in USA & Myanmar & Vihara Schedule (Nov – Dec), 2017

2017 Projects Report in USA & Myanmar


Sitagu Shwe Si Khom Pagoda’s Night Scenery !

Sitagu Buddha Vihara, Austin, Texas, USA.

Recently done Outdoor Dining Area, 5 Carports & 1 Storage at Sitagu Buddha Vihara !

Next Project –

Septic Tank Project which will cost about $ 180,000.

It is required to get occupancy permit !

You may offer donation for this project.



Kyaung Gone Village, Taungoo Township, Bago Division where Ashin Ariyadhamma was born and place of Thaung Gone Sasana Center !

Thaung Gone Sasana Center – Sima Hall where Ashin Ariyadhamma was ordained which was rebuilt in 2016.

Thaung Gone Sasana Center – 2 Story, (40 Rooms) Yogi Hall was built & sharing merits ceremony was done on Apr 12, 2016

Currently, Dhammajotika Dhamma Hall Project is in progress !

In kind donation of Dr. Aung Ba + Dr. Sandar Min, daughter – Lucinda Ba, son – Brandon Aung Ba, Houston.

Estimate cost $ 120,000.

70 Years Old, Thaung Gone Sasana Center Renovation is in Progress !

Main Building – Kyaung Ma Gyi !

You are welcome to participate !

Map of Zee Phyu Pin Sasana Center, near Sit Taung River, Taungoo Township, Bago Division !

80 Ft long Concrete Bridge on the way to Zee Phyu Pin Center was rebuilt in April, 2017

The next project is –

To pave one mile long tar road heading to the center.

You are welcome to participate in this project !


Map of 36 acres of land – Ariyavasa Dhamma Center, Kalaw, Shan State, Myanmar ! အရိယာ၀ါသဓမၼရိပ္သာ ေျမပုံ

Ananta-jina Pagoda & Maha saddhamma jotika Sima Hall !

Buddhabhiseka & Sima Consecration Ceremony was done and headed by Sitagu Sayadawgyi & Rector Sayadawgyi on March 30, 2017

Da Gon Daine, & Maw Gone Daine { Pagoda Banner & Archive Post } was built in memory of Ashin Ariyadhamma’s 30th Monk-hood Anniversary { October 19, 2016 }

Bodhi Tree from India was planted since Full Moon Day of May, 2010

Bhojana-sala { Dining Hall } 50 ft X30 ft & Kitchen was built in October, 2017

Reception Building, Saddha Cottage, Viriya Cottage, Sati Cottage, Panna Cottage, Nyi Mu Yar Hall { 50′ X 36′ }, 100 KVA Transformer & Electrical Line,

500 Ft deep Well Water & 3 Spring Water, 15,000 Gallons Water Tank, 3000 Gallons Water Tank were already done.

Future Projects are –

Samadhi Cottage & Theravasa Kuti.

Currently Dhamma Aye Yeik Nyein (the Shape of Dhamma) Project is in progress.

In kind donation of Col. Ye Tint + Daw Nu Nu Yee family, Yangon

Estimate cost $ 40,000.

The next project is –

Alin-say-ta-man (Light Messenger) Dhamma Hall Project –
အလင္းေစတမာန္ ဓမၼာရုံ စီမံကိန္း

Alin-say-ta-man (Light Messenger) 100 ft X 45 ft – 2 Story Dhamma Hall which will include

a Shrine Hall, a Dhamma Hall, 6 Large Rooms & 23 Standard Rooms with all restroom attached !

Estimate cost $ 210,000.

You are warmly welcome to donate.

One large room for $ 7000.

One standard room for $ 5000

” Vihara danam samghassa aggam Buddhena vaṅṅitam “

” All Buddhas have highly praised Vihara Dana.”

” ေကၽာင္းကန္ အလွဴ ၊ ျမတ္၏ဟူ၍ ၊ ဆူဆူဗုဒၶ ခၽီးမြမ္းၾက၏ ”

Vihara Schedule (Nov- Dec), 2017 (အခ ်ိန္ဇယား )

November 5, 17 – Kathina Robe Offering Ceremony at Zayyawati Kyaung, Houston

November 7, 17 – Khet Khet Wai’s Lunch Offering at Spring

November 12, 17 – Kathina Robe Offering Ceremony at Shwe Phone Pwint Dhamma Center, Ft Worth, Texas

November 19, 17 – November Born People Offering

November 25, 17 – Zayar’s Daughter’s 100th Days Birthday at San Marcos

November 26, 17 – Luigi Lorsi & Daw Khin Khin Thet, Lunch Offering at San Antonio

December 2, 17 – Sitagu Sayadawgyi and Group arrival to Vihara

December 24, 17 – Sitagu Sayadawgyi and Group departure from Vihara

December 25, 17 – Daw Candapabha & U Kyaw Myint – Memorial Offering

Dec, 25, 17 to Apr, 10, 18 – Myanmar Trip

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