You are warmly invited to Sitagu Buddha Vihara Kathina Ceremony on Saturday, Nov 12, 2016

Dear All,

You are warmly invited to our Kathina Robe Offering Ceremony
on Saturday, Nov 12, 16, at Sitagu Buddha Vihara, Austin, TX ,USA.

Scheduled events:

11:00 a.m – Offering of lunch to the 14 Monks & 1 Nun
11:30 a.m – Lunch for lay people
1:00 p.m – Offering of Kathina Robes, Dhamma Talk and Sharing Merits
2:00 p.m – Entertainment

Free Lunch for lay people will be provided. Please bring any traditional dishes and desserts that you would like to offer to monks or share with others. You are also requested to inform the Vihara, if you plan to offer food so that they may make arrangements for offering accordingly. You may offer ” 2 Air Tickets” “Kathina Tree” and “Vihara Ongoing Supporting Fund” .

ကထိန္ဒါန လွဴၾကသူမွာ က ် ဳိ းငါးျဖာကား –
သြားေလရာ၀ယ ္အႏ ၱၱၱရာယ ္ကင္း ၊ ပစၥည္းရင္းမွာ မီးျပင္းမဖ ်က္ ၊

ဆိပ္မတက ္ဘဲ ၊ ေမ့ေလ ် ာ့ ဥစၥာ မဆုံးပါရ ၊

ျပိဳ င္ရွာၾကေသာ ္ကုိယ္ကဦးစြာ အသာရသည္ ၊

ငါးျဖာ ကထိန္ လွဴ က ် ဳိ း တည္း ။

Five benefits for the Kathina Robe donors :

(1) They will be free from unhappy states throughout their lives. When they make a journey, whether of short or long distance, they won’t be hampered by unnecessary preparations, but will furnished with all requirement and provisions.
(2) They will have freedom from hindrances of all kinds and they will have every aspiration fulfilled.
(3) They won’t be affected by poison or possessed evil spells, etc.
(4) Their possessions will never be spoiled or lost; they will be able to leave their belongings behind without any worry, that is, they will be safe.
(5) The donors of the Kathina robe will always be fortunate, their good deeds will succeed, they will be successful among many rivals.
* Whenever you cultivate wholesome deeds you should not allow yourself to be a prey to attachment.

Invited Monks List

1. U Kavindasiri – Jeyyavati Kyaung, Houston, Texas

2. U Pannadipa – Pannavasa Kyaung, Dallas, Texas
3. Sri Lanka Sayadaw – South Sri Lanka Vihara, Austin
4. Sri Lanka Sayadaw – North Sri Lanka Vihara, Austin

5. Ashin Ariyadhamma – Sitagu Buddha Vihara, Austin, Texas
6. Ashin Nandaka – Sitagu Vejayanta Vihara, Baltimore, Maryland
7. Ashin Aggadhamma – Sitagu Buddha Vihara
8. Ashin Saccanyana – Sitagu Buddha Vihara
9. Ashin Karunnya – Sitagu Sangha Vihara, West Palm Beach, Florida

10. U Kovida – Orlando Kyaung, Florida

11. Ashin Cintita – Sitagu Buddha Vihara

12.13.14. – Dullaba Monks from Ordination

Please view the attach files.

Yours in the Dhamma,
Ariyadhamma, Ashin, Dr.

About bhikkhucintita

A Buddhist monk in Austin, Texas.
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