You are warmly invited to Buddha Day Puja (May 21, 16. Saturday) & Vihara Schedule

Dear All,

You are warmly invited to following events at Vihara.

1. Buddha Day Puja, Sayadaw Ashin Ariyadhamma & May Born People Offering :

May 21, 16. Saturday

6:30 a.m – Breakfast (Mont Hin Khar) offered by Sayadaw & Daw Mya Kyi Family, volunteer – Ma Thin Zar Group 11:30 a.m – Lunch offering to 11 monks – offered by May Born People, volunteer – Ma Latt Group

5:00 p.m – Watering the Bodhi Tree ( Nyaung yay Thonn Pwe)

6:00 to 7:00 p.m –

Offering to all people with Fried Noodle, Cold Drinks, (kout swee gyaw, Aaye) by

Daw Mya Kyi, Ma Thin Zar, Ma Khaing Zin Oo Family.

7:00 to 8:00 p.m –

Buddha Puja by fruits, flowers, lights and group chanting Patthana (Patthan youut)

8:00 to 9:00 p.m –

Group Meditation – Dhamma Puja

Dear All,
Schedule : May – 2016

May 1, 16 – Daw Than Than, mother of Dr. Ma Thu Zar & Dr. Soe Myint Aung – Birthday Offering

May 7, 16 – Daw Kyin Than – Birthday Offering at Zeyawadi Kyaung, Houston

May 8, 16 – Daw Mya Kyi – Birthday & Mother Day Offering at Friendswood, TX

May 14,16 – Rvind’s Ordination & Lunch Offering at Ko Too + Dr. Le Wai Thant House

May 21,16 – Buddha Day, Water Pouring Bodhi Tree, Sayadaw Ashin Ariyadhamma & May Born People Offering

May 22,16 – Breakfast – Dr. Le Wai Thant & Dr. Ma Thu Zar,
– Lunch Offering – Ko Wai Lu & Ma Su Wah’s 2nd Wedding Anniversary Offering
May 23 – Breakfast – Daw Than Than Win, Ma Mar Lar Family
May 23 – June 1,16 – Florida, Baltimore, New York, Washington.DC trip

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A Buddhist monk in Austin, Texas.
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