Job: Burmese/English Interpreter

Needed at Local Nonprofit:

Name: Laura DeGrush
Comment: Good morning,
I am writing to see if a member of your group would like to interpret in Burmese or even Karen for our refugee population we are serving at Caritas of Austin. We receive refugees coming from Burma and I am currently very low on interpreters who are available to help. The work would be contracted and paid. If you know anyone that would want to help out fellow countrymen, I would be much obliged. They may email me at or call at 512-646-1264. Thank you for your time,
-Laura DeGrush

About bhikkhucintita

A Buddhist monk in Austin, Texas.
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1 Response to Job: Burmese/English Interpreter

  1. khin ma says:

    I would love to help but I am in SF. Thanks. Khin

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