Dear All, My trip is like that :

Dear All,

My trip is like that :

Jan 30,12 –
Arrival to Yangon Airport at 9:40 a.m. U Kawvida, U Thundara, U Lokanatha, U Min Ko, Ko Chit Mya, my 2 elder brothers group, Daw Kyin Mya relatives. come and see me at airport then go to my brother house in N/ dagon and have a lunch then after go to Sitagu Center then go to Mawbhi Sekindarama Kyaung and sleep with Sitagu 8 Monk group at new building for Sitagu Sayadaw.

Jan 31 to Feb 2, 12 –
Attending Shwe Kyin Nikaya Metting attended by 1000 monks.

Feb 2, 12 – 3:30 p.m.
Fly to Mandalay with Sitagu Sayadaw, U Kawvida, Jennifer, and Daw Nyunt Nyunt Aye,
proceed to Chan Aye Sayadaw (101 years) funeral place at the bank of Ayerawadi River, then go and see the biggest Sigongyi Pagoda which is renovated by Sayadaw then go and see the Sitagu Vipassana Academy near Taung Phila.

Feb 3, 12 – 8.00 a.m.
Go to Maymyo with U Maho, Dr. Khin Mg Tun + Daw Than Than Lwin ( Singer, Daw Tin Tin Wai’s sister from Maryland) and sleep at Maymyo Vejayanta Kyaung with U Maho.

Feb 4, 12 –
Dr. Khin Mg Tun + Daw Than Than Lwin, sharing merit for their Kuti donation at Vejayanta, Dr, Tin Aung Hla family, Daw Mya Kyi family, Wendy and me donated 1250 $ = 10 lakh to U Maho for Culamani Pagoda+ his Navakamma.
then after lunch go back to Sagaing.

Feb 5, 12. 1:00 p.m.
Go to Mogote with Sitagu Sayadaw Group for New Ordination Hall setting up ceremony attended by 120 monks at Zayatkwin (140 miles from Sagaing), Shwe Phyu Hill. Removal old sima and create new sima, Sayadaw’s big public Dhamma Talk then go back to Sagaing at 11:p.m and arrive 2: a.m.

Feb 7, 12, 2:p.m.
1st Sitagu Working Committee Meeting attended by Sitagu Sayadaw and 15 monks. then 5:00 p.m attend the Uposatha (Listening the Vinaya Rules at Sima Hall

Feb 8, 12 – after lunch go to Toungoo

Feb 11, 12 – go to Kalaw

Feb 14, 12 – fly to Yangon with 3 brothers.

Feb 15, 12 – 4:40 p.m.

Go back to Austin and arrive Feb 16, 12, 6 : 30 p.m at Austin

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A Buddhist monk in Austin, Texas.
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