Photos taken at Austin Sitagu Buddhist Vihara on Dec 9, 2011 + Gong Donors

From Ashin Ariyadhamma:

Dear All,

Please view Photos taken at Austin Sitagu Buddhist Vihara.
Click the following Picasa web link to view.

Schedule for Dec-Jan-Feb, 2011-12

Dec 9, 11. Final concrete pouring to Pagoda Top
Dec 11, 11. U Thu Gyi + Daw Khin Khin Thet, Lunch Offering at San Antonio
Dec,17.11. Nun Ordination Ceremony
Dec 25, 11. Former TDSA Chairman U Kyaw Myint Memorial Offering at
Daw Elizabeth House
Dec 28, 11. Sitagu Sayadawgyi Arrival at Vihara
Jan 10, 12. Sitagu Sayadawgyi Departure from Vihara
Jan 14, 12. Group Chanting at U Tun Sein + Daw Mya Kyi house, Friendswood, TX
Jan 28 – Feb 15,12. Sayadaw Ashin Ariyadhamma Myanmar Trip for Shwegyin Nikaya Meeting
Feb 25,12 Htamane Pwe, Stricky Rice Festival

Yours in the Dhamma,
Ariyadhamma, Ashin, Dr.

Gong Donors.pdf

About bhikkhucintita

A Buddhist monk in Austin, Texas.
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